Wellness shots are growing in popularity, and there’s a reason why! They’re fast, effective, and super easy to make. I like to take Wellness Shots when I’m feeling off and I need a little pick-me-up. I’ve listed a few of my favorite juice shots, along with their health benefits, below. 

Apple Cider Vinegar Shot: Apple cider vinegar shots are awesome for a quick energy burst! They help with digestion, detoxification, and anti-aging as they balance the pH of your body and skin. Taking an apple cider vinegar shot right before you eat is best. It leads to less bloating and a healthier digestive system.

Apple Cider Vinegar Shot: 1-2 Tbsp.

Aloe Shot: Aloe Vera is well known for its abilities to help heal and soothe the skin when applied topically. However, when ingested as a drink, Aloe Vera has the ability to soothe and heal the digestive tract! It has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that can help the immune system get rid of toxins. It also helps reduce the effects of seasonal allergies, rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory immune disorders. I take a shot of Aloe Vera Plus daily to promote healthy digestion.

Aloe Shot: 1 fl. oz. (Or as Directed on Bottle)

Ginseng Shot: I’m all about Ginseng because it works as a natural appetite suppressant and helps the body burn fat at a faster rate. Ginseng will regulate the body's metabolism which means that the body will have more energy (Say goodbye to Red Bull, because you won't need it anymore after taking this!). Ginseng is also used to boost the immune system and improve resistance to illness and infection. It can also stimulate brain cells, improve concentration, relieve stress, and improve your mood.

Take Daily to Boost Energy Levels and Improve Concentration. 

Blue Green Algae Shot: Blue Green Algae has all of the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that the body needs to sustain good health. It is known to help maintain a stable mood, increase concentration, and boost intellectual abilities. It can also boost energy levels and help the body make protein for muscle growth. Take daily to kickstart weight loss and get those aminos and antioxidants! 

Blue Green Algae Shot: ½ Tsp. Blue Green Algae Mixed Into Coconut Water.


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